While I was feeling slightly odd in the stomach in the morning, we had decided to make today a rest day. My travel companion had found some nice pictures of a park in Tennoji, which is accessible via a station on the JR Loop line, somewhat to the south. So we decided to have a go at it.

Arriving at the entrance to the park we found out that, as often is the case, it was possible to buy a combination ticket for both park and zoo. Well, we had time on our hands and made the mistake, on a weekday, to purchase the combination ticket, and by mistake we ended up on the long and winding road to the Tennoji Zoological Gardens.

The mistake became pretty obvious within seconds of entering the premises as there were oceans of primarily yellow, but occassionally other colour combinations as well, clad kindergarden level children. There were a lot. Not that they were in any way noisy, it was just a matter of keeping ones eyes open all the time as not to run down a poor child.

Another issue of this situation became obvious when arriving at the chimpanse area. My companion remarked that me taking pictures of the apes seemed much more interesting than the apes themselves. This interest was apparent throughout the rest of the zoo visit, not that it bothered me too much, other than I felt I should get paid by the zoo for being an apparent free-walking exhibition.

The chimpanse was a bit worrying as she (I think it was) basically kept eye contact with me most of the time I was taking pictures of her. Including a sort of wave at some point.
Blog ImageOne thing that was pretty interesting about the zoo was the lack of smell. Normally there is a strong animal smell associated with a zoo, but in this zoo there was rarely any smell.
Blog ImageMany of the animals, as is the case in a lot of zoos, exhibit the repetitive behaviour of a caged animal with too litlle room. Although it must be said that some of the animals had a reasonable large environment compared to other zoos I have seen.
Blog ImageThe tigers had a strange cliff style area, which unfortunately did not offer them any place to hide from the visitors eyes.Blog ImageLeaving the zoo and before going to the park, I had to visit the local public lavatory, and as I had to enter the facilities again just after leaving the park, I decided I might as well record this experience. As with most public lavatories, there is no soap, no way of drying your hands, the water is cold, and toilet paper, in your dreams.

The park turned out to be a beautiful Japanese style garden, the only sad thing was, that they were currently doing the winter preparation maintenance, so there was a lot of manmade tools spread across the garden, so it required some creativity in composition to avoid most of those in the pictures. But I managed most of the time.
Blog ImageThe garden was small, but because of its large trees at the border to the city it really was an oasis in the middle of the city.
Blog ImageIt also gave amble opportunity to create mirror in the water effects.
Blog ImageAfter the park we left. The Japanese style garden was definitely worth the visit of Tennoji, which really did not have to offer much else.

Just before leaving we paid the local McDonald a visit, and then left for the hotel, where I proceeded to crash and sleep the rest of the afternoon.

Fortunately my odd feeling in the stomach turned to quite an upset stomach, which kept getting worse all through the night.