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Totoro's rants


Anime Posted on Fri, December 14, 2007 00:53:38

Tales of Agriculture, as it is also known as, is another anime, that does not sound very interesting when you read the synopsis: A student that can see microbes.

But then you watch the opening with the cute dancing microbes, and …

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… more to come tomorrow …

Ghost Hound

Anime Posted on Thu, December 06, 2007 22:29:41

Originally I had discarded the Ghost Hound anime series after reading a brief summary about it, but luckily I decided to watch one episode, and now I am caught.

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Eleven years ago, while at the age of 3, Tarou and his 8 year old sister Mizuka were kidnapped. Held captive in an abandoned hospital and tied to a bed, he was forced to watch as his sister died beside him. The kidnapper was killed in a botched police raid without revealing their whereabouts, and only by chance or luck were they found. Eleven years later he is haunted by dreams where he flies around and repeatedly watches his sister die, unable to hear her last words, but forced to see a fly land on her dead lips, again and again. Not only Tarou is suffering, his mother is walking on a thin edge of sanity, that threatens to crack at any moment, a wrong word is uttered. A mysterious (he obviosuly has a connection somehow) transfer student from Tokyo, the son of a man who killed himself within a week of the kidnapping (a suspicion about his connection to it has never really gone away), and a young girl, who seems to be able to see Tarou in his flying dreams make up some of the primary cast.

With director Ryutaro Nakamura (Kino’s Journey, Serial Experiments Lain), a screenplay by Chiaki J. Konaka (Hellsing, Serial Experiments Lain, Mononoke) and the original creator Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed), this is as far from kiddy fare as it can get, we are in the horror, mystery, psychological and supernatural … area. With episode titles like: ‘Lucid Dream’, ‘E.M.D.R. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing’, ‘Phobia Exposure’, ‘Altered States of Consciousness’, ‘O.B.E. Out of Body Experience’, ‘Brain Homunculus’, and so on, it seems clear, that we may be getting something educational out of this anime also.

Strangely enough the series has not been licensed yet, even with a crew like this. It is currently running on Japanese TV, so only the original Japanese television broadcasts are available. Should it be licensed, it is a definite buy, and it would be nice to get this one in high definition, as it looks absolutely gourgeous in 720p.

A few short trailers can be found here at the site for the series, and some pictures can be found here together with some summaries of the episodes broadcast so far.

Visually this anime reminds me a bit of Noein and Gigantic Formula, especially because of the eye and face design. The opening and ending songs are not catchy, but are quite well scored for the mood of this anime.

Correction after 7 episodes the opening is now stuck in my brain…


Anime Posted on Sat, October 06, 2007 21:37:34

If you watch one anime movie this year, then go/buy see Paprika.

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Click on picture above or on this link to watch the opening credits (the trailer has been removed from YouTube, which I frankly don’t get why they have done). This also gives you an opportunity to listen to part of Susumu Hirasawa’s excellent soundtrack. He also did the music for Satoshi Kon’s excellent Paranoia Agent TV-series.

As usual do not read the comments on the YouTube link, many people do not seem to get the concept of not giving away spoilers. Hm, I feel a rant coming about the internet exposing some peoples stupidity for eternitysmiley