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Fallen Angel

42 Posted on Sun, September 23, 2007 19:57:42

One morning an angel had fallen into our backyard.

The angel was in fairly good condition, despite it being wedged in between a rusty cycle trailer, a sofa and a container with garden waste. I had not seen this particular angel for many years. The last time, I had seen it, had been in the beginning of the 80s, at the local university cinema in the movie, Heaven can wait.

Oddly enough, this was not the movie that sprang into my mind, when I saw the angel, that was instead Kar Wai Wong’s Duo luo tian shi or as it is known in the west, Fallen Angels. A movie, I had had serious problems with finding a fair quality version of on DVD. I had litteraly spent hours researching on the internet to find the best version of this movie on DVD. Mostly because it had been my first introduction to this particular movie director, who is probably more known for some of his other movies like Chungking Express, In the Mood for Love or 2046. What had impressed me so much about this movie was its visual style and the mood it had created by its visual style and the actors performances. Something that had really stuck in my mind was how the character named He Zhiwu, played by Takeshi Kaneshiro, had done unmentionable things to a dead pig for his customers sake. Although it had not by far been the first Hong Kong movie I had bought, it had rekindled my interest in fareast movies, and even today I would say that at least 70% (if not more) of the movies I purchase on DVD or Blu-ray are from primarily China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

But I digress.

Seeing the angel in the backyard and the circumstance that I for once was carrying my dslr camera around, prompted me to unpack the camera from my backpack and take a few pictures of the angels rather sad situation for my own remembrance sake. As usual this was triggering a smile and a greeting from the people who saw me jump around to get some kind of reasonable picture. It is odd that lumping a rather hefty. but not excessive sized. camera with a 200mm zoom around has a tendency to often get the people passing by to greet the photographer with a smile and a hello.

I considered for a moment to take the angel into my care, but I would not be able to provide it with a good sanctuary. It would be only have been minutes before Anarchy and Chaos (my resident cats, not their real names by the way, but a good description of their personality) would have severely scratched the angels legs into pieces and proceeded to gnaw its wings off. So I decided that hopefully fate would have something better in mind for the angel than that, and left for work.

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The angel has now left our backyard.

Writing English

42 Posted on Wed, August 22, 2007 20:53:55

Why does the ability to write coherent English
detoriate with age? Or maybe the question should more correctly read:
Why can I still write acceptable technical English – albeit with the
occasional for and on misshap – but the more conversational English is
getting seriously bad?

Maybe – maybe it is a result of a growing
laziness, so instead of reading books (the exception here is the
technical English books and documents that are part of the work) one
opts for the easier comprehendable television series or movies. The
result is a lack of experience with the more complicated sentence
build-ups, not to mention that most video oriented media uses a
comparatively simplistic sentencing structure and often contain badly
formed sentences to bring across a so-called realistic pretention.

– maybe it is simply a result of the aging process where the synapses
in the brain no longer fire as good as they did a couple of years (or
ten) ago. So it is no longer possible to intuitively write the fluent
and artistically English as was possible when the brain still was fresh
and less detoriated by alcohol and whatever polutes the body and fills
up the brain over time.

Maybe – maybe there are simply too many
non-native English speakers speaking really, really crappy English.
After a while Polish-English or Italian-English becomes more and more readable and sensible. This must have a bad effect on ones own limited
capabilites and make matters worse.

Maybe – maybe there is a
limit to how much information can be stored in the brain. So anything new gained,
results in the least used and the oldest information being

Maybe – maybe I have just gotten way too pretentious over time.