Found by accident this website that ‘probably’ is a description of a small area somewhere in Japan, where there is the little shelter below.

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It is all in Japanese, hence all the ‘probably’ above. I can ‘decipher’ the line above the picture, the first 4 characters are hiragana and the last is a kanj. It says: ‘Totoro no mori‘ (where mori is the kanji sign, that means forrest), so it reads Totoro in the forrest. The sign (white part of it) in the picture says Totoro, the rest is difficult/impossible to read.

My guess is that this is a busstop called the Totoro busstop. Though I may be jumping to conclusions here.

So the book that arrived today, All about Particles – A Handbook of Japanese Function Words by Naoko Chino, came in handy for the no meaning in the sentence (although I could have guessed that). The book has this nice definition of particle: ‘ A particle, in fact, might be defined as a non-conjugating part of speech, bearing an absolute minimum of independent meaning, which attaches itself to other parts of speech and thereby places them in context‘. Sounds a bit like a thriller to me, although it might be a bit early for me to look at this yet, as I barely can tell hiragana, and only know a very, very few words.

In about a week or two I will probably have managed to decipher the rest of this webpage – there are just 4 lines of text.