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Travelling again

Nowhere Posted on Sat, March 28, 2009 11:28:01

Time to make travelling plans again, 10ish days to Barcelona and Southern France in the spring and in the summer a quick weekend trip to Vienna.

In the autumn there may be a trip to Japan, but does not look like it will happen at the moment.

Lack of postings

Nowhere Posted on Sat, January 10, 2009 07:31:41

There has been quite a lack of updates lately, well since my Japan trip ending in November, and the last entries from that trip have not been received their finishing touches yet.

I certainly plan to continue this blog, but the number of entries will drop. It will probably be mostly be pictures, travels and plans for them and the occasional gadget once in a while.

Trip planning has begun

Nowhere Posted on Wed, August 13, 2008 00:18:48

Finally I have started to plan trips for the next Japan visit. They will split into 2 groups, Tokyo trips, which will be a lot of reuse from the last couple of times of planning, there will be places I already have visited and some new, we never got around to visit. The Osaka trips will come last, and will of course will be all new, as I have never been there before.

Touch of Death

Nowhere Posted on Sun, July 27, 2008 03:10:56

Been quiet lately on this blog.

It may have been noticed that a couple of postings ago, there suddenly was a copyright marking on a photo, and then in the following posts, there was not any copyright stamp. Of course I still claim copyright, but what happened was that my PC crashed, and as of now I am still trying to get all my software back and up to date on a new (let us call it that, since the only thing remaining is the case, and the displays, keyboard and mouse) PC. But today the keyboard decided to give up (Logitech cable-less keyboard / mouse combination), so I am writing on a backup keyboard until I get a replacement next week. I must have caught some kind of ‘touch of death’, because at the moment I kill off electronics on a weekly basis.

What is coming the next couple of weeks are trip plans for the next Japan vacation happening towards the end of the year. It is going to be a week in the Tokyo region and a week in the Kansai region, the later with base in Osaka. Also have gotten a few gadgets (beside the new Nikon lens), eg. ‘The Sanctuary’, which I probably will write a bit about once I have it unpacked. I have had it for nearly 2½ weeks, I think, but it arrived just when my PC gave up so it has been in waiting position until I have a stable PC environment again (all my needed software installed and running).

End of Palm

Nowhere Posted on Sat, April 05, 2008 23:52:01

Since the first days of ’97 and until yesterday, I have been using PDA’s with the PalmOS, going through Palm 5000 variations, Handspring, Tungsten and finally the Palm Tx. But after more than 11 years, I got tired of Palm not delivering a better OS. Frankly I have been using the same OS with variations for all those years and it has done its jobs, although its limitations became more and more apparent in the later years. But in the end I decided it was time to move on.

Unfortunately with the state of things as they are at the moment, this means Windows Mobile 6 (Google Android is still a somewhat ‘wet’ dream in the coming), and due to my circumstances, this means a Motorola Q9h. The Q9h was quite a bit more cheaper than the Palm Tx, and it is part phone so I need to carry less around.

But I am really dependent on a number mobile applications like the calendar, datashield (password manager), metro (train routes for many cities) and contacts in the Palm, so I need to get the data from those applications moved to the WM6 device (and I really, really dislike Outlook, so that is out of the question, except on the WM6 device). This turned out to require a bit of effort, which I will report in a couple of postings in the following weeks, that will describe my journey into the new world (for me) of a Windows Mobile 6 device.

RSS Feeds

Nowhere Posted on Sun, January 06, 2008 09:00:46

I have been really slow getting into this RSS feeds thingy. Tried it a couple of times over the years, but never found a way for getting a really good user friendly display.

But during the last half year or so, I have really gotten into following a lot of blogs and some of those are sometimes not updated for weeks on end, or in some cases, months. So time to look into RSS feeds again. As I primarily use Firefox and Thunderbird they were the obvious choices:

Firefox: You have Live Bookmarks (Bookmarks->Subscribe to this page…). This adds a folder for that RSS feed to your bookmarks, where the latest news is shown as seperate items.

Unfortunately, I would like to have access to the main blog page as well, but to do so it seems I need to make a seperate bookmark for that. Also it seems I need to open the RSS feed folder to see any updates, and no indication of what is new.

Thunderbird: Add a News & Blogs account (you can have several) and start adding subscriptions to that (goto subscriptions page on the blog, copy link, paste link when adding the feed to the account – seems to work best for me). It is possible to control how often the RSS Feeds are checked.

Opening the News & Blogs account folder, where the feeds have been added, will immediately show if any of the feeds have been updated – nice. You get an audio indication (if enabled for mail received) when a new entry has been added for one of the feeds you have subscribed to. But where the mail folder will have a small star next to it indicating new mail, there is no such indication for a News & Blogs folder – unfortunately.

So for the moment, I am using Thunderbird for the RSS Feeds of the blogs that I do not visit so often or that only are updated once in a while. In addition to that, I use the same account folder name as a folder name in Firefox, where the same blogs have been added as in the Thunderbords feeds folder, so that I have the main blog page easily accessible in Firefox for browsing. For the moment that seems to work best for me – but I will keep looking for the ideal RSS Feed lister…

Plans, plans, plans

Nowhere Posted on Sun, January 06, 2008 01:48:25

After a year for site without incident at this web hosting provider, I have decided to move my other domain to this web hosting provider as well. Saving a bit of money in the process as the old provider costs about 4 times as much per year as the new one.

The site has mainly been used for the cats diary (in Danish) and the idea is to initially just move that over as is, and then start to move the diary to a WordPress based blog.

The Totoro’s rants blog will remain as is until I have done my experimenting with the cats diary. Then the rants blog will probably be moved to WordPress as well.

The Totoro’s home webpages need to be expanded. I would especially like to get the diaries for the Japan trips and planning set up and available. I need to do something about the photo hosting as well, seperating it into a public and private area.

And I need to buy a house this year.


Nowhere Posted on Sun, December 02, 2007 13:27:12

Small steps, really really small steps for the home page

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Uh and why the above picture, well it is the signature picture for the home pages.

No more automatic redirection to Min nabo Totoro.

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